Porcelain Crowns

porcelain crown


There are various types of dental crowns in existence today. One of the most common ones is the porcelain crown. This type of crown is used to cover a tooth wholly as a casing. Crowns are normally used for strengthening and restoring the teeth to their original appearance which facilitates a nicer appearance.  The porcelain crowns are highly preferred for the front teeth due to the properties of porcelain material. However, the porcelain material is not as strong as others used in the making of the crown.



Factors That Necessitate Porcelain Crowns



At times, the teeth may be damaged to the extent that, filling the teeth would be impossible or uneconomical. Where the teeth have cracked, it would be better to fit it with a crown. The crown will help bond the tooth together and seal the visible cracks preventing more damage.  They are also used where there is a need of filling, but the tooth remaining is very small. A crown can also be fixed where a person’s dental structure is characterized by weak teeth. In such cases, a crown will help protect these teeth from damage. The crown can also help protect the teeth from fracturing.



The Lifespan Of A Porcelain Crown



  • The lifestyle of an individual will highly influence the lifespan of the porcelain crown. However, there are some factors that greatly affect its lifespan.


  • The crown is highly affected by excessive biting. The heat generated during the biting and other factors such as such as weakening of the material leads to wear and tear of the crown.



  • Tooth grinding leads to the damage of the crown. The material may crack or develop weakness.



  • Excessive chewing of hard foods also lowers the lifespan of the crown. Chewing sugar canes and hard candy weaken the porcelain crown.



How The Crown Compares To The Rest



Strength: when comparing it to the gold crown, it is weaker. Gold dental crowns are much stronger and durable than these crowns. Therefore, the porcelain crowns are much suitable for the front teeth were there is minimal chewing and grinding of food. Gold on the other side is a more suitable for making crowns that are fitted on the molars and the premolars.



Appearance: the porcelain crowns have the ability to mimic the appearance of the original teeth. Therefore, they can easily camouflage with the whitish organic teeth, and one cannot easily differentiate them from the other teeth. They have a translucence nature and thus permeable to light just like the organic teeth. Other crowns like this property and, therefore, are not suited for the front teeth.





A porcelain crown can be differentiated from a gold crown most times just because of the areas of use. These crowns are used more on the front teeth while the gold crowns are used on other teeth that are not as visible when a person smiles. If you have a cracked or damaged tooth that needs attention, make sure to set an appointment with your local dentist at your earliest convenience.


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