What Would You Do With A Crooked Smile?



Many people believe that a smile can do wonders. However, not many people know what that wonder could be. It could either be positive or negative depending on the person. Imagine the case of a toothless person smiling; such a person could cause amusement in an unsavory crowd. A person with a distorted dental structure will give a smile that is not attractive at all. However, a person with a beautiful and attractive dental structure will give an admirable smile. It is impossible to go through the day without exposing the teeth. However, due to various factors, the teeth of many people are unattractive. Cosmetic dentistry strives to make such teeth more appealing and beautiful. Therefore, it involves various techniques that strive to restore the teeth to their normal look, but not necessarily to improve their functionality.


Examples of cosmetic dentistry


  • Binding: this involves the application of a composite resin. This is plastic putty that is tooth-colored. It is applied on the tooth surface in the case where the tooth has suffered a discoloration, broken or chipped. Being a paste in nature, it can also fill the gaps in between the teeth and thus protect the roots that are exposed as a result of gum recession. The process causes no pain and simple conditions can be treated on a single visit. Where it’s a complex case, a series of appointments may be required.
  • Dental implants: this is implantation of artificial teeth where a person has lost a tooth or teeth. These teeth are directly attached to the jaw. Where the dentures are loosely attached, they can be reinforced by the use of an implant attachment. The process is usually long but the implanted teeth will be firmly held and thus more secure than dentures.


  • Bleaching or whitening: just like the skin can be bleached, so can the teeth. Through aging, injury, food particles, and other factors, the teeth may become stained or darkened. The bleaching process strives to restore the creamy whitish look on such teeth. The process can involve several visits where the doctor applies a bleaching solution to each tooth. Or one can be fitted with custom-made bleaching tray which the patient will wear every night at home. It requires patience to attain the results for the process can take duration of up to six weeks.


  • Veneers:  are thin custom-made tooth colored shells that are fitted to cover the front part of the teeth. They are meant to correct or camouflage the misaligned and poorly shaped teeth which are mostly damaged and discolored. Therefore, the person achieves a perfect look by appearance.


Other cosmetic dentistry techniques involve the use of thin brackets and wires to align the teeth in the right position. However, the length of a period that a person will require to wear them depends on the condition of the teeth, the supporting bone and the gum. Although it may be difficult and sometimes scary to visit the dentist, the professionals at Premier Dentistry in Stuart have great expertise in all areas of cosmetic dentistry and will help you build the smile you've always wanted.


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